Announcing the grand opening:
St. Norbert College Republicans Apparel Store

Order your own apparel with our custom SNC GOP logo and branding! We open our store once each semester, collect all the orders, and have the apparel created in one batch.
(Open through Thursday, October 31, 2019)

Our store, while primarily focused on SNC students, is open to anyone. We think it would be pretty cool to see some fellow conservatives in our community wearing our gear!

Open Schedule
For the fall 2019 semester, we’ll keep the store open through Thursday, October 31, 2019. All orders will be prepared during the first couple of weeks of November and they’ll be ready before Thanksgiving.

When ordering, you can have your apparel shipped directly to you, or to eliminate the shipping costs, you can pick up your order on campus. If you choose the free shipping option, we’ll contact you when your order is ready with info on where and when to pick it up.

More Conservative Gear
Additionally, here are some links to other sites where you can get some cool conservative gear: